Like most enthusiasts, my passion for everything mechanical started from a young age. As a 14 year I would work on the family car and was always just generally curious about cars. From a young age I would install the simple things like stereo systems.

My apprenticeship began in 1996, back then learning to tune carburetors and ignition systems, but I always had strong interest in the electronically controlled side of tuning. In the late 90’s I began to dabble in engine management with a JayCar kit (variable resistors) on none other than the family Toyota Camry. As the 2000’s rolled in so did the ECU’s and the associated technology that came with them.

Engine tuning has always interested me since day dot. From carburetors, to modding distributors reading spark plugs. Using your 5 senses to tune the car was always exciting to me. Over the years my I’ve always been very interested in turbo technology, electronic fuel injection, petrol engines, data analysis, and of course engine tuning .

Because technology is advancing so fast these days I’m always interested the latest products that I think can benefit our customers. Today I can buy sensors, ECU’s, and other amazing tuning gadgets that just weren’t affordable back then. This keeps me excited in what we do here at Powertune. My goal has always been to build a business that can provide the facilitates, staff, and know how to keep this dream job of mine going.

For a number of years now we have been involved in winning World Time Attack preparations here in Sydney. Having the experience to engineer race cars dramatically improves our ability to build reliable street cars for our customers. There is no doubt having Sydney Motorsport Park in our backyard is also a great asset. Whether it be a drag, drift, or circuit car we prepare, having SMSP five minutes up the road is great for testing and shakedowns. This was always my vision when we decided to move our facilities to Wetherill Park.


Throughout my childhood I had developed a passion for cars, inherrited through my father. He owned a Holden Torana LX SS 2-door, and a Monaro HQ GTS 2-door. The thrill of experiencing so much automotive adrenaline surrounding me as a kid was a sure way of insuring the passion and interest in everything mechanical was brewing inside.

From the age of 18 my mechanical career began overseas at a general workshop. Soon after finishing my apprenticeship I then moved on to a performance workshop, specializing and competing in Rally Championships. A few years were spent working on everything Rally with the Subaru 99-00 STi. Over the years there I acquired very valuable knowledge in all things related to vehicle balancing, especially when pushing the limits of traction on tight roads. With balancing comes the understanding of braking, power delivery, diagnostics and of course the attention to detail required when putting together a race package that is always being pushed to it’s absolute limits.

When my family and myself made the move to Australia I continued my career, and within a year had opened up my own general workshop. Operating smoothly for 5 years, I found that I missed the performance building of engines and my interest still very much lay with race preparation. This hunger for performance os what led me to Powertune, and I joined the team.

My hobbies are very much car related. I enjoy and events like WTAC, F1, MotoGP, local/ international drag and rally racing. Together with the Powertune team I have on numerous years been involved in the WTAC. Winning WTAC on a number of occasions with differently prepared vehicles.The ability for a car to function at such high power, and speed yet retain full control is a key interest of mine. Needless to say turbocharged engines are a favourite.


The love for cars came naturally. Dad always loved his V8’s and was a huge Holden Commodore fan, but as a kid I always drooled over the GC8 WRX’s. In my later years of high school I found myself reading more about cars than I was my schoolwork. Subsequently I slumped, and did not meet expectations for my HSC. I found myself in the automotive trade very quickly and have not looked back since.

Once I completed high school I went straight into an apprenticeship with a local mechanic. The boredom of the service industry very quickly set in, and I found myself working with a young Honda tuner.

Not long after an opportunity came up to work at Powertune and I just grabbed it with both hands. Without a doubt one of the best decisions of my life so far. I’ve never been interested in anything other than Japanese cars, especially Honda’s.

Every year Time Attack rolls around and it is the best part of the year without a doubt. I love the rush of Time Attack and working the pits with the team. When the car pulls in everyone has a job to do, and we all have to do it as precisely and quickly as we can. As well as the preparation of the cars prior to track events, getting the cars ready for their different styles of attack is great experience and one of my favourite things to do.

I am a huge Honda fan. The simplicity of the Civic when it’s all bare to the bone is simply a pleasure to work. I drive a 99′ EK1 Civic which I’m currently transforming myself. Right now I have a stripped down K24 block which I’m marrying with a K20 head, and a DC5r gearbox. When it’s all in the car I’ll custom fabricate the exhaust myself, fitting it snugly around the DC2r’s sub-frame. Being part of the Time Attack crew has given me a deeper understanding engine management, suspension setup, and all around car behavior. All this knowledge I will put into my Civic as I slowly but surely prepare it for the bigger picture in time to come.


I’m not so much “into” cars, but have been around cars since very young. My dad liked to buy and fix up cars, so I had the chance to be around a lot of different cars from very early on. I have fond memories of going for drives with my family in the old school ute that had 3 seats in the front, where I got to change the gears.

I started with Powertune back in 2005, at the time not really knowing the differences between the makes of cars. Slowly though, I learnt to distinguish between an S14’s and S15’s, R33’s, and R34’s without resorting to identifying a car by colour. Or running around the back of a car to look for an emblem!

My enjoyment is supporting the team at events and at the track, where I get to see all the hard work and long hours come to fruition. Looking at it dfrom a third person perspective, it’s the only time the entire team will be involved in the one car/goal. Normally everyone has a job to do but the racing really bring us all together. Everyone has a common passion in what they do and it is really great to see them in action.