We offer our 3000hp Mainline PRO-HUB for hire.

Our PRO-HUB Dyno is portable and can be used either inside the workshop or outdoors.

This is very handy for those Methanol burning cars that generally most dyno rooms cannot deal with.

There is a minimum charge of $800.00. This get you up to 5 hours

Our other option is $1200.00.This get you up to 12 hours. This can be useful for cars that are trying to optimize parts or Freshly built cars that generally need alot of time to sort .

There is no limit to the amount of cars you wish to do with-in the HIRE period.

If you do not use all the time that has been booked for, it can not be transferred or used on any other occasion.

Included in the charge

  • Use of Mainline PRO-HUB Dyno with no operator.
  • Use of one 2 post hoist.
  • Use of workshop hand tools.
  • Use of the Fab shop tools
  • Use of air lines and air tools.
  • Use of 240v power
  • Use of all ammentities
  • Use of the WIFI internet connection.
  • Use of fire and safety equipment
  • 1 staff member for the entire hire period. They will ONLY help setup and pack up.

Dyno hire times are

Monday -Friday from 6pm till 6am

Saturday-Sunday 9am till 9pm