Did you know that even partially blocked injectors can seriously reduce your engine’s performance?

This is especially evident in high performance engines, in fact, the higher your power output the more important injector maintenance becomes.
Running E85? You should be servicing your injectors twice as often.


Here is the good news though, at Powertune we offer an “off car” fuel injector service. You don’t even need to bring your car in, simply give us your injectors and we’ll do the rest.


Our injector service includes a reverse flush, ultrasonic bath, new filter baskets, o-rings and seals as well as a “before and after” flow test. Most of the time you can have your injectors back the next or even the same day.
Powertune Injector Service starts from $33 per injector.

Want to book your injectors in? Call us on 02 9756 6789
or email: sales@powertune.com.au