Powertune offers one of the most advanced Dyno tuning facilities in the country.

Equipped with an All-Wheel-Drive 1200 Mainline Dyno we can log all data into Dyno software for analysis. This is done via an OBD2 interface and is compatible with all cars using this protocol.


Using our fuel pressure and high flow fuel sensor we can check for and detect any problems with your fuel pumps, fuel pressure regulator, fuel lines and fittings.


Unlike mechanical type fuel flow sensors that ready approx 3L per minute, our high flow fuel flow sensors can read up 30L/minute (up to 10 times more) and provide a far more accurate reading.


For example two Bosch 044 versus two Walbro 450L  would return very similar readings on a standard, mechanical tester but the difference in flow would be clearly visible on our high flow sensor.


Our Dyno facility is also equipped with an ethanol percentage reader providing us with an accurate method to measure the ethanol content in the fuel we are tuning.


Why Dyno tune your car?

Every car is different. Even the same make and model, despite looking similar can be very different mechanically.

This is especially evident in cars with performance modifications. Things like compression, cam shafts, valves, all vary from car to car and affect the performance of the car. Even performance components by the same manufacturer can vary, for example the same size intercoolers may look identical but will have different flow rates and efficiency or the same size exhaust pipes with different mufflers will behave differently.

So, what does all that mean? Your car is as individual as you, a sum of all its parts and their unique characteristics. That is why a “generic tune” or “e-tune” is often not applicable. Generic tunes are meant for generic cars, and even then, they only target the lowest common denominator. If your car varies from what is considered a “generic norm” then such a tune is next to useless.


Dyno tuning is different. At Powertune, we treat each car individually, taking into account all the mods and the owner’s specific needs. What you get is a tune that is specifically designed for your car and your car alone. It can likened to the a tailor-made suit as opposed to the one you buy off the rack at Target.

Custom dyno tuning is better, safer and will provide the results you are after.

Powertune Dyno Tuning starts at $880.