Mainline AWD Chassis Dyno


Powertune offers one of the most advanced dyno tuning facilities in the country.

Equipped with an All-Wheel-Drive 1200 Mainline Dyno we can log all data into dyno software for analysis. This is done via an OBD2 interface and is compatible with all cars using this protocol.

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Fabrication Room

Our technicians at Powertune have the ability to custom fabricate just about anything in-house. From complete tube chassis and cages, to custom exhausts and everything in between.

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5 Gas Analyser


Powertune now offers emissions testing using an IM240 simulator – as used by NSW RMS. If you are importing a car, trying to get an engineer’s certificate or trying to clear a defect notice, chances are your car will need to pass an emissions test.

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Injector Machine


Off car injector service: Our unique equipment allows us to flow test injectors, check spray patterns and perform leak tests. With aftermarket injectors getting more and more popular and the use of ethanol fuel also on the rise, regular injector maintenance is more important than ever.

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Smoke Test Machine


Exhaust leak detection: Using patented ACUTEC® technology we can now identify a leaky exhaust and pin-point the leak’s location.

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