Fabrication Room

Here at Powertune we offer expertise in all things fabrication as well as modification. Nine times out of ten with any performance upgrade there will be a need for fabrication, whether it be exhaust manifolds or tube chassis for engine conversions; our in house technicians have you covered.

For all things welding we have a range of welding machines. The Kempii Master Tig welder takes care of all the alloy, stainless steel, and titanium welding applications. For the more ferrous metals such as mild steel we use our Uni Mig welder.


To machine and manufacture any parts we design or require during a build we use out Hafco Metal Lathe. The ability for our technicians too machine anything in-house on the fly is highly efficient and time saving for both our customers and the crew.


With all custom engine or gearbox swaps tubular fabrication is very common. To take care of the tube bending we have our Woodward Fabrication Ratchet type table bender.


All roll cage applications, custom gearbox mounts, diff mounts, and any custom engine mounts or plates; are all fabricated in house.


Much like tubular chassis work, sheet metal fabrication is very much involved in performance tuning and upgrading. Custom dash components, ECU mounting, enclosing parts, tunnel work, the list goes on. The 1200mm Guilotine takes care of all the slicing.


Bending and shaping of the metals is taken care of with our Pan Break, which allows us to bend metals up to 120 degrees.


When working with tubular pipe and sheet metal, majority of the time to finish up a project our technicians will use our swaging tool. This tool creates a flare or lip in the metals. Commonly used on inter-cooler piping for example, aiding in the prevention of the pipes suddenly popping off.


From preparing to finishing, and everything in between; our facilities have you covered no matter the project. Our expertise technicians have deep understanding in all things performance. When you are pushing the boundaries in performance and reliability as we are, a lot of the time off-the-shelf products just don’t cut it. In times like this it is crucial to have all the tools at our disposal enabling us to tackle any job at hand.