EMtron Engine Management

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EMtron Subaru MY08-15 “The Smart Boxer” Plugin Package

Supply, fit, and Dyno Tune : $8,000.00

EMtron ECU
64Mb Onboard Logging Memory
3 axis G sensor
Engine Protection
Honeywell Oil Pressure Sensor

Honeywell Fuel Pressure Sensor
Omni 4 bar Map Sensor
Air Temp Sensor
Flex Tune Sensor
Bosch 4.9 Sensor
EMtron CAN Wideband Controller
Tefzel Auxiliary Extention Harness with Mating DT Connectors
EMtron Communication Cable

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The Smart Boxer kit is recommended for Subaru’s that have built engines along with upgraded fuel systems (incl flex tune), and upgraded turbocharger systems.

This ECU package is ideal for high powered street cars, entry level Motorsports, or those weekend circuit warriors. Most importantly this kit enables the ECU to monitor all the engine vitals, in turn protecting and limiting any engine damage. In terms of what gains you will see, YES definitely more power. With the ability to tune each cylinder individually, we are able to fine tune the ignition timing with great precision and efficiency. Which in turn means less horsepower loss, as we do not decrease the power across all four cylinders to compensate for knock. Rather find the problematic knocking cylinder/s, and adjust it accordingly.

In the ECU logs above you will notice how the EMtron ECU can isolate individual cylinder knock by ONLY retarding ignition in cylinders #3 & #4, at the instances where the knock was detected. It is directly to this adjust-ability that we can extract much greater, and more importantly efficient power. 


A Word from Chea our head tuner.

Over the years of tuning Subaru’s I have tended to steer away from tuning high powered late model Subarus as there was not really a well sort out engine management solution for this platform.
YES I know all you factory ECU experts say “Yes we can do it”.
Maybe yes, but in reality I have tried, with little success. OR with lots of compromises, and uncertainty. And to be completely honest; I have never seen, or driven these factory ECU’d Subarus that make this type of power.

Subaru engines as most may know are not the strongest, nor greatest of performance engine. It takes a good engine builder with plenty of experience to keep these things together at the best of times.
So flashing your factory ECU with some definitions you downloaded from the internet was always going to be a risk. Why you would risk your 20k engine build by skimping on an ECU, and using someone else’s’ downloaded tune, I will never understand.

FINALLY there is a solution!..
EMtron plugin direct replacement .
I can now offer my customers the best solution for the this platform.

What I like about this ECU option for this platform :

Plugin … mean less installation cost.
Engine protection features. For protecting your investment.
Data logging on-board. Up to 500Hz logging speed.
Direct flex fuel input.
Excellent knock control with individual cylinder control
DBW control
Variable cam control
Inbuilt Motorsport features such as  launch control , rolling anti-lag , closed loop gear shifting
On-board G sensor
Oscilloscope function ( I think ALL ECU’s should have this one )
Integrates with the car’s CAN BUS so instrument cluster, abs, etc all stays working.
STI with Si Drive We can use this to activate/switch maps such as boost control, speed limiters, launch enable , with Rolling Anti Lag enabled!
That’s one less thing we need to install on the car, this keeps the interior looking clean and factory spec.
Excellent closed loop boost control system.

Something that you will lose is though, and worth mentioning; the Cruise control function. Hopefully they can get this working in the future, it will then have no compromises as far as a complete replacement ECU for the 2008 -2015 Subaru STI

For any and all EMtron related enquiries, please contact chea@powertune.com.au directly