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Unit 4, 32-34 Peter Brock Drive, Eastern Creek NSW 2766, Australia


We completed work on NEOS15 over the weekend. Car made an impressive 550kw on 35psi on our new mainline PRO HUB DYNO.

We upgraded the M1 ECU with our custom VVL engine firmware. This firmware allows for:

  • 2 fuel efficiency tables based on VVL position
  • 2 ignition load tables based on VVL position
  • Minimum oil pressure for VVL
  • Minimum oil temp for VVL
  • Minimum vehicle speed
  • Minimum and maximum manifold pressure
  • These features are all in addition to the usual EXTREME package features such as rolling launch, cruise control, Motec keypad direct, etc.

MOTEC KEYPAD DIRECT – Simple demonstration on what we used for this car.

Finishing up

The goodies

SR20 NEO-VVL build

Exhaust fabrication – 3.5″inch

Wiring for MoTeC M130 ECU package


Drive train upgrades – Brand new R33 diff and gearbox

PLAZMAMAN SR20 Intake Plenum + FIC Injectors + PLAZMAMAN fuel rail

Air Box fabrication

Garrett GTX 3582R + 6Boost Manifold + twin Turbosmart wastegates