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Unit 4, 32-34 Peter Brock Drive, Eastern Creek NSW 2766, Australia

UPDATE 27.3.2019

Went to the WSID tonight to try and help with the Koupes traction and launch systems
First pass we to tried it with out launch control or traction control to try and get and idea of how the tyres were working. It turned out that it was not enough power to get it off the line with the use of slicks.

Second attempt we setup the MOTEC Launch control, this was instantly an improvement over then just free revving the engine and slipping the clutch.
Our Launch AIM was set to 5000 rpm and target Launch Boost pressure was 200 kpa.
Look at how well it maintains the Engine speed limit and AIM boost while in launch mode. Unfortunately it didn’t last past the 60 ft mark as we ended damaging the KIA transmission.

Built 2.0L Thetta II Motor

Custom in-house Manifold