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Over the weekend we headed to a very chilly Wakefield Park for the AUS Time Attack Challenge. Our team for the weekend consisted of Dennis Resi piloting Lightning the R32 GT-R, and Ben Schwer in his 180SX. Apart from the cold start to the day, both Saturday and Sunday were absolute cracker weather conditions. Big thank you to the AUS Time Attack crew they put on a very smooth event.

It was a slow start for pretty much everybody in the paddock as the track temperatures just weren’t there until midday’ish. The first two sessions were very much just feeling out the track, and making sure all the mechanicals/temperatures were in check. Carrying on the niggling brake knock off issues from the previous outing, Lightning was not inspiring Dennis with much braking confidence. This is a huge issue and we are working to rectify it as soon as possible. We covered the brake issue in greater detail with our previous race feature. In a nutshell the R32 chassis naturally suffers from pad knock off/flex, although with this amount of power Wakefield really pronounces the issue with its short and undulated nature.
KUDOS to Dennis for turning a 1:03.63, as you can see from the video above Lightning is nothing short of a handful to control! Lightning turned well over 35 laps combined across both days, mechanically he’s on point, but we’ll definitely be back with an adequate braking system.

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We are super stoked for Ben’s efforts over the weekend! Finishing up 3rd in Clubsprint with a 1:05.6.
Needless to say conditions were hard for everybody. Early on Ben was having under-steer issues which he slowly improved by adjusting the suspension, softening the front damper and sway bar as the day went on. It definitely helped. In combination with track conditions getting better, Ben went from turning mid 1:08’s to his best time of 1:05 by Sunday’s end. There is always room for improvement and Ben is still very much getting to grips with his 180SX. There is room to improve on  the suspension as well, especially in the setup combined with the AD08R. A tyre Ben has had very limited track time with.
A true grass roots racer, Ben is improving with every event he enters and we’ll be following all his progress right here on our site. To Follow all his races hit Ben’s YouTube Chanel right here.

Just for good measure, below we’ve attached a much faster 1:03.7 that Ben has run at a previous Wakefield event. When conditions are good aye! Oh and slicks…