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Unit 4, 32-34 Peter Brock Drive, Eastern Creek NSW 2766, Australia

Over the past few weeks engine builder George has been busy assembling the 2.2L NITTO Stroker engine for this clean EVO-8. Now that the power plant was snug inside its nest it was time to fit the car with the supporting hardware it needed.

Last week saw us dropping in the motor and getting busy installing a surge tank in the boot, which also houses twin Walbro 450 fuel pumps. Naturally with the built NITTO motor and the increased fuel supply we will be turning up the power, but to accommodate for the soon to be increased boost we also needed greater exhaust flow. We’ve left the pre-existing exhaust in place as it is already 3.5inch. But the existing 3inch dump-pipe will need widening to increase the flow. In the images below Adam gets to custom fabricating a wider 3.5inch dump and V-band pipe out of 6064 Stainless Steel. As we have extensive photo coverage we thought we’d let the images do the talking in this feature. This project is yet to be tuned as the freshly built engine is still being run-in, be sure that as soon as we get it on the Dyno we will be updating this feature with the results. So, video and tuning feature yet to come!

Installing the Surge tank.

Fabrication of the 3.5″ dump & V-band pipe.

Custom fabrication on the 3.5″ Intake pipe.

Installation of the dump & V-band pipe after ceramic coating.

Keep an eye out for an update to this feature as we get the EVO back from run-in, and get it on the Dyno for tuning.