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Lightning has been turning laps at various race days for well over 3 years now. Mechanically the RB28 power-plant is rock solid day in day out with plenty of power at hand. Since WTAC 2016 we have put in place a new engine program. Where by we have specifically modified the N1 RB26 block to be able to withstand 600kw of power in RACE mode. In the past years we have been limiting output power to around the 500kw mark as the N1 blocks seem to start giving way at around that point. But since 2016 we have put in place our new RB26/28 engine program, and Lightning Resi has been turning laps at well over 550kw without any signs of wear or damage. Just to make sure, and for our piece of mind we have been working closely with Nulon in sending away engine oil samples away after every race meet for testing. They are able to analyse the samples, and if any fragments or traces of metal are found in the oil we can find the problem area way before any damage is actually one. So far so good!

Now running the MoTeC M150 GPRP ECU package, the Albins gearbox has been optimised and tuned. As you can hear from the video above, the shifts are smooth and fast! 232km/h down the straight to be exact.
This time at Wakefield though, we were yet again dealing with braking issues. Any R32 Skyline owner that has pushed their car to the limits will eventually complain about the Hub Flex or Pad Knock Off that occurs naturally on the R32 platform. Since WTAC last year, we have tried a few different methods to rectify this problem. We’ve replaced the OEM bearing for a much wider one, in hopes that it would centralize the hub and not allow movement, this did not work. We then tried installing some Pad Knock Off Springs, again in the hopes that it would stop the brake pad from opening up during steering wheel inputs and cornering. This did not work. Our latest attempt just prior to arriving at Wakefield was to try and use 5psi pressure valves in the brake lines with the aim to hold much more brake pressure in the lines, again to no avail. We have now literally exhausted all of the ‘off-the-shelf’ avenues to rectify the Pad Knock Off.
Our next plan of attack is to completely redesign the front hub assembly, which will be designed specifically to counteract the Hub Flex issues that come factory fitted with the R32 Skyline. Obviously we did not see the times we were after with a 1:02 at Wakefield, but in saying that every test is very important, and yet again we completed a full race meet without any mechanical issues from the workhorse Lightning Resi. It was also great chance to test all of the MoTeC data logging, and being such a short track a great circuit to optimise and tune the gear shifts. Until next time!

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With a great starting platform that is the Nissan S-Chassis, it really doesn’t take much to bring the car’s potential out whether it be for drifting or circuit work. With the correct suspension modifications, and a little bit more power than factory, the S-Chassis range of cars can be amazing on track!

It does not take much for one to get addicted to circuit racing! After just a few laps as passenger in a friends race car, Ben found himself hooked on the track life! He quickly found himself this tidy 180SX to fuel that adrenaline rush he had experienced as a passenger. It wasn’t long after the purchase that Ben came to us for some much needed SR20 power upgrades.

When it comes to adding that ‘little’ bit more power Powertune has you covered with intimate knowledge of the SR20 platform. Ben’s 180SX features our 300Kw Stage-1 SR20 Power Package, and as you can see from the above video it is the perfect entry level track package. Kudos to Ben with a impressive time of 1:03, and setting a new PB for both driver and car. With continued commitment to support our grassroots level drivers it is needless to say we are very excited to see this car and driver combination evolve into the future. Stay tuned for a complete Drivers Bio page coming to our site soon. 

John may be the latest driver to join our grassroots racing team, but is no noob when it comes to the track by any means of the word! Prior to taking ownership of the Red S15, John has turned many laps with motorbikes, various RWD / AWD cars, and even tried his hand at a few drifting events.

John entered WTAC 2015 in the Clubsprint class with his Stage-2 Golf R, but by the time WTAC had come around he’d already decided that he wanted to build a RWD track car. Having always loved the S chassis, and thinking the best bang for buck would be a Silvia. John found this red S15 which had previously been built here at Powertune with a 300Kw Stage-1 SR20 Power Build. The only other upgrades we made prior to the Wakefield track day was the  RB25 gearbox conversion, and a few engine protection sensors just to keep an eye on the systems while it is being punished out on track. You can see the track preparation feature in greater detail here.

John’s plans for the moment are to do as many track days as possible, and compete in the Super-Sprint series, with the first event coming up in June. After completing his first track day since buying the S15, John is very happy with the swap to the S-Chassis. “It is a much more challenging drive, I have a lot to learn, and much confidence to gain.”

And again, with the continued support for our grassroots drivers the future for John and his S15 will be to further develop the S15 platform, with the car transitioning into a dedicated track car. The end game for John will be to race it around the infamous Mt Panorama Bathurst circuit. Stay tuned for a complete Drivers Bio page coming to our site soon.