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Unit 4, 32-34 Peter Brock Drive, Eastern Creek NSW 2766, Australia

Five years ago we took this SR20 out and gave it our Powertune Stage-1 Power Build, putting a well rounded 310kw to the ground. For many years it lived it’s life as a street car, but recently it was passed on to a new owner who has some different plans for it.

Being the versatile platform that the S-Chassis cars are, the new owner has decided to take this S15’s potential and apply it to the race track. With plenty of power at hand, and the versatility of our Stage-1 Power Build the car is all but ready to hit the circuit. One thing though, that all big power SR20 owners will know is that the gearbox is the weakest link in the equation. With that in mind the new owner has brought this very familiar S15 back to us for a drive-train upgrade.

The S15 rolled in not too long ago with the intentions of strengthening up the drive-train for some serious circuit work. Giving himself some peace of mind when pushing the limits on track. Generally when we build SR20’s with 300kw or more at the wheels, and ones that will live a life of punishment such as drag or circuit racing, We highly recommend the RB25 R33 gearbox conversion.

Nothing too complicated in terms of the R33 gearbox conversion. In this case we went with the RB25 to SR20 adapter plate kit from DELLOW Conversions. Everything we need for the conversion comes in the box, and with an experienced SR20’er like our technician Adam the brand new (straight from Japan) R33 gearbox was fitted in no time.

As this S15 is about to receive some serious punishment on the track, we recommended that some engine protection sensors be added into the Haltech Pro Plugin ECU’s loom. In all seriousness, it makes no sense to risk your engine build by being in the complete dark when it comes to the operating conditions. Especially out on track! With the addition of Oil pressure, Fuel pressure, Oil temp, and air/fuel ratio sensors we can not only monitor the engine behavior, but most importantly if any of the components leave what we deem to be ‘safe operating condition’ the ECU will immediately take action and cut the power and drive to the problematic area. If you have ever been out on track you will know it is very easy to get carried away in the moment and push hard. If something wasn’t operating safely and you didn’t physically catch it malfunctioning, then there is literally no safeguard for you engine and turbo system. Something as simple as a an oil surge from the G-forces experienced on track could spell a catastrophic end to your motor. It simply isn’t worth the risk…

With years of racing comes experience. If you are about to set off into circuit work, but you aren’t sure what measures you need to take to protect yourself and your vehicle. Come speak to us here at Powertune, we’ll have you cutting laps in no time!