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Unit 4, 32-34 Peter Brock Drive, Eastern Creek NSW 2766, Australia

One of the more challenging projects to roll in through our doors was this half-complete F6 Falcon. Challenging in that the car has had most of the design and work done by another workshop. Everyone does things differently. So when we see a project like this that has been designed and built in a certain way, we have to try and keep to that style as redoing the entire system is just not feasible. In saying that, we do enjoy a challenge. 

The project was started by Dion at Fabtech Global. Who was also the designer and fabricator of the current exhaust system, intercooler system, and transmission cooler system (which is mounted horizontally at the rear passenger side of the this car). The intercooler system is made up of a Process West stage 3 intercooler, with the 76mm aluminium piping being held together with Wiggins V-band clamps.

While the car was at Fabtech Global, a mechanical fuel pump system was started. This included an Atomic custom mounting bracket, Aeromotive belt driven fuel pump, and a 12l under-bonnet surge tank. We won’t be running the under-bonnet tank in the next stage of the build. But we will keep the Aeromotive mechanical fuel pump itself, with a revised system of feeding it.

The rest of the fuel system consists of a Walbro 450 litre in the tank, which supplies the surge tank through the -8AN line. Then a -16AN line from the fuel surge tank into the mechanical fuel pump, then out to twin  -8AN for the fuel rail. As this fuel system was designed prior to the F6 arriving here, we’ve decided to run an electric Walbro 450 in the OEM fuel tank, bypassing the mechanical fuel pump for now until we can revise the system. For the purposes of testing and making sure the rest of the enormous spec list is working safely and correctly the single 450 will be sufficient. That enormous list of parts is cited below. 

Atomic 998 GT-R complete engine, including :

  • Half filled block with grout to welsh plugs , stage 5 head CNC ported, the biggest cams, locked vernier gears, 14.3mm studs, and copper gasket
  • Extrusion honed inlet manifold
  • Pro Outlaw 400 3 speed built by Protrans
  • Turbo 400 built by Protrans, 3 speed plus reverse pattern, alloy drum
  • PTC 6k rated stall custom built in America (bolt together converter aswell, interchangeable centres to adjust stall speed if needed)
  • B&M trans cooler with fan mounted in the rear, B&M pro stick shifter, rear cable entry
  • New custom tailshaft fresh built to suit the t400 yoke
  • Garrett Gtx45r
  • CRG V band manifold
  • Turbosmart 60mm gate
  • Speedflow oil and water lines
  • Custom 5″ dump down to 4″ straight to the rear with single X force Varex muffler (all stainless)
  • 2.5″ screamer pipe
  • Alloy intercooler pipes all custom made using wiggins style hydraflow clamps, no silicone joiners
  • Custom 12L surge in the front, gravity feeding an Aeromotive Atomic mechanical belt drive fuel pump
  • All fuel lines are Earls
  • -8 from factory tank and swirl pot to the front, -16 feeding the pump, 2x -8 lines feed dual entry Atomic fuel rail
  • Multiple Earls filters
  • Process West stage 3 intercooler
  • Custom 6″ intake to turbo
  • Custom catch can and radiator header tank
  • PWR 50mm radiator, custom alloy shroud made with 2x 12″ SPAL fan
  • MoTeC M1 – With a fully populated M150 loom
  • Car has a PRO WIRE full Milspec harness


This is where things get a little interesting from our point of view. Our job with this F6 was to finish what was already started mechanically, and also provide it with an engine management system solution that will retain all of the factory features. The biggest challenge that comes with working on an incomplete car is the fact that as good as everything looks, nothing can be trusted. So this means that a lot of parts will need to be pulled apart and given a once over. This ensures that when the time comes, we don’t turn around and say; “Well that wasn’t done by us”.

Another challenge was integrating the MoTeC M1 system to the car whilst still retaining all the factory instrument cluster functionality. The challenge comes due to the fact that the OEM engine management system communicates over CAN BUS to the instrument cluster, factory transmission, and ABS system. We had to find a way of keeping all of the OEM systems happy and to continuously not send errors.

After giving everything the once over, and making sure all the pre installed parts were going to function correctly. It was time to get Justin from ProWire to come in and get the MoTec M1 system wired up and running. Running a full Milspec harness and a completely populated M150 loom.

With the Motec M1 system we are able to monitor literally just about everything. Oil pressure, Fuel pressure, Inlet manifold pressure, Cooling system pressure, Knock input x 2, Inlet manifold temperature, Ethanol content, Fuel temp, Crankcase pressure, Lambda, Transmission pressure, Transmission temperature, Turbo intake temp, Turbo outlet temp, Turbo outlet pressure, Exhaust temp, Front and rear wheel speed, Driver throttle position, and Nitrous pressure.

In terms of what we are controlling. 6 injectors / with option for 12, MoTeC CDI ignition system, Closed loop boost control, Drive by wire throttle, Transmission brake, Transmission fan, Fuel pump, Engine fans.
Due to complications with the initial setup/design of the fuel system. We reached a point where the F6 is running on 98 ron fuel, using the 450 electric pump only. Using this setup we can test every component to make sure everything is firing safely and correctly. With everything wired up it was time to get this beast up on the Dyno (video embedded below).

It is very difficult to pick up where someone else left off. Due to complications with the initial setup/design of the fuel system. It was important to get the F6 running. We reached a point where it is firing on 98-ron fuel, being fed by the 450 electric pump only. Using this setup we can test every component to make sure everything is firing safely and correctly so far, as this F6 is FAR from factory.

We have stopped here due to owner not wanting to take any shortcuts with cheap fixes. A newly designed fuel system from what we have learned with the current setup will help, and no doubt be better. Future plans will be to  further test the current setup, and address any issues if they arise. To revise the mechanical fuel pump system and get that feeding the injectors. Once we are happy with the fuel delivery system we will switch over to E85 fuel and re-tune the F6 accordingly. Only then can we start to push the capabilities of the Atomic 998 GT-R engine in combination with the Garrett Gtx45r well into the 1000hp range. Stay tuned as this is one project we will be updating shortly.